Roffey Cattle Co. and Ellett Valley Beef Co. are pleased to announce our recent acquisition of
Rotokawa 375 “Revolution.”

The Roffey and Ellett Valley herds contain similar genetics, and for some time we’ve been searching for the optimal bull to complement our Devons. We’ve been pleased with our Rotokawa-influenced females and bulls, and the halfblood steers in our beef program have consistently finished on perennial pasture at 15-20 months of age, so we traveled to Pennsylvania to view the herd at Rotokawa Cattle Co. The Rotokawa Team spent hours showing us the herd and their lovely new farm. The cattle are fabulous.

After several hours of evaluation we selected 375 “Revolution” from a group of 27 breeding-age bulls. 375 “Revolution” excels in depth of body, volume and overall balance. He is broad-chested, wide-rumped, and shows exceptional spring of rib. This bull is exceedingly masculine and walks confidently on solid, correct feet and legs. 375 “Revolution” is a quintessential Rotokawa Devon bull.

Our gratitude to the Rotokawa Team for spending so much time with us, sharing the details of the breeding, and for their willingness to work with us.

Currently we’re using 375 “Revolution” in limited natural service and in our ET programs. We can’t wait to see the results of crossing this outstanding young bull with the Roffey Cattle Co. and Ellett Valley Beef bloodlines. Semen will be available in the fall of this year.


Spring Greetings to our Devon friends and all Devon enthusiasts. First of all, we apologize; It’s been too long since you’ve heard from us. Maggie and I purchased property in Florida for a dairy farm just a year ago. After clearing land, digging wells, starting grasses (of course it is a grazing dairy) and buying cows, we are shipping milk from our initial 450 cows.

Now we are spending time back at RoffeyCattle Company in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of SW Virginia, enjoying the view and anxiously awaiting spring calving.

Roffey Top Cat
(Lakota x Udell)

As you can see, the farm has been well guarded in our absence by Top Cat. He is back at home after being named Reserve Champion Male at the 2010 “Great Event.” He and his maternal sister, Roffey Roto Girl Q6 (“Chunk,” for those of you who follow our website) received first place honors in the Produce of Dam Class.

Top Cat is one of the reasons we are so excited to see this year”s calves. His progeny continue to be the right kind with balance, width and depth. In addition, he is a calving ease sire. His daughters and sons are always favorites of Devon visitors to our farm. Currently, we have over 30 sons and daughters of Top Cat and we appreciate the interest this family generates in public and private sales.

*** Top Cat enhanced semen is available for $25/straw plus shipping, ***
*** regular semen is $15/straw plus shipping ***

K913 & Q11

Spring 2011

We will have 50-60 calves born in April, May and June. Many are ET offspring from our best brood cows. After several years of breeding Devons we’ve pretty much settled on what works for our situation. Our predominat sires in use are Top Cat, his maternal brother Roffey Dude Q14 (Red Dude - herd sire at Guille Yearwood’s Ellett Valley Farm), Bayou Boy, Rotokawa 688 and Rotokawa 93, and Noyl Boy M78. I look forward to deciding where to use the semen Maggie gave me for Christmas 2010 – six ampules of Potheridge President!

On the female side, the Udel line including Chunk (Q6) and her full sisters Q11 (pictured above) and Q4, the Bayou Girl family, Julie’s Favorite, K913 (front cow in picture above) (Lakota H48 daughter) are highlights here at Roffey Cattle Company. Other promising families will be featured in future updates.

We will soon be getting more photos of our heifers and this year’s new arrivals to show you. As always, if your travels bring you to southwest Virginia, NE Tennessee, or NW North Carolina, be sure to stop by. We always have cattle for sale. If you’re not buying, we love to “Talk Devon”.

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