Here at Roffey Cattle Company we started the year with an exceptional calf crop, with genetics and registration percentages augmented by our embryo transfer program.

Noyl Boy M78 Bayou Boy Sr.

The majority of these calves are sired by Noyl Boy M78 and Bayou Boy Sr.
We have used both bulls heavily again this year and hope for another exciting spring calving season.

Our sincere thanks to these purchasers of Roffey cattle throughout the year. We appreciate their business and are gratified by their confidence in our breeding program.

Great Event 2008:

John Fisher
George Kepple
Roy Doan
Charles Huebner

Private Sales:

John Fisher
Guille Yearwood
Elam Stoltzfus
James Fisher
Richard Moyer

The fact that these discerning buyers show this level of confidence in our breeding program adds to our confidence of the type of cattle we choose for breeding stock and the type we breed.

Sold at the Great Event

S45 & S55

Roffey Roto Q12


Judge Kit Pharo at the Great Event Show in October appreciated the kind of cattle we choose and breed as well. As many know Kit Pharo has been a loud voice for smaller framed cattle with good ability to convert on grasses efficiently.

It was especially gratifying to see our good friends Paul and Laura Colucci take home Grand Champion Female honors with Roffey Bayou Q 91. They made this purchase after she won the 2007 Great Event, and she has continued to improve in their care in addition to producing a very typy heifer sired by Top Cat.

Our Roffey Rotogirl Q 6 “Chunk”, a favorite of everyone who visits the farm (as well as those of us who live there) was chosen as Reserve Grand Champion Female. Her maternal brother, Roffey Top Cat, was named Grand Champion Bull.

Their mother, Miss Julie’s Favorite, sired by Devon Wood Udell was lost as a 12 year old after being in our herd for only 2 years. However her 6 ET sons and daughters are having a very positive influence on our herd.

Miss Julie has an excellent Rotokawa 688 son Roffey Dude Q14, known affectionately as "Red Dude", by his owner Guille Yearwood of Christiansburg,VA. We will be using Red Dude in our ET program as his spring 2008 calves are impressive. Mr. Yearwood, a very astute breeder with 30 years past experience in several other beef breeds has chosen Devons to base his new herd. Mr. Yearwood selected 6 head of weanlings and a couple of top cows. Much more will be seen from his excellent choices in the years to come, I predict.

Recently we have been able to acquire two more (our 3rd & 4th) Devon Wood Udell daughters at the age of 12 and 13 years. I have been very impressed with the Udell daughters found in Preston Carlton’s Devon herd over the last several years.

Some Background Info

Devon Wood was a prefix used by D W Fortenbury MD, Oakvale, Mississippi. My research shows that Dr Fortenbury appears to have bred some great cattle. Two of the three closest sires in Udell’s pedigree are pictured below. Riverside Mr. Superstar is Udell’s sire, the paternal grandsire is Imp. Champson Dignity and the maternal grandsire is JMP Hugo. Very impressive bulls I believe!

Pictured below are several of the impressive historical bulls I believe are the type we at Roffey Cattle Company want to select from and have in our pedigrees.

Riverside Mr. Superstar sire of
Devon Wood Udell

JMP Hugo
maternal grand Sire of Devon Wood Udell

Tomotley’s Red Sunset

Red Sunset was the first Devon A.I. Sire in a major bull stud, Curtiss Candy. He was born on December 26, 1960 and in March of 1967 he stood 53½ inches at the hips with a rump length of 25½ inches. He is the grand sire and or great grand sire of many of the cattle in our herd. He is the grand sire of Noyl Boy M78, the great grand sire of Dalton's Edwin and found in numerous other pedigrees of Roffey cattle.

IMP Peverstone Pretender

Beldevon Red Baron

Patuxent Maverick

IMP Wadhayes Sunshine

Pictured below are a few great cows from Pete Bostwick
Tomotley herd which would enhance most any cow and pedigree today.

Tomotley brood cows

Tomotley heifers

Examples of a couple bulls we feel demonstrate the type we strive to develop.

Roffey TopCat

Roffey Mentor

One of the most enjoyable – and challenging – aspects of the business for us is the mating process we practice with our herd. The foundation females have been carefully selected from families that breed true for the deep bodied type cattle that epitomize the efficiency on grass of the Devon breed. Then the challenge comes to select the bulls that can produce more of the same. It has been a labor of love to research the sires of the past that have contributed to this Devon breed and its efficiency on grass. We are impressed by what we have learned about them through the herd registry and by looking at photos of the bulls themselves.

Roffey Cattle Company has tried to get as much of the pre-Continental influenced type genetics into the herd as possible. Due to the influence of the hugely popular Continental breeds, our domestic breeds, including some Devons selected for scale, height, and length. Now the market – our final customers – is increasingly aware of the benefits of grass-fed. For us to satisfy this market we must look to the type that can best utilize grass to fill the growing market – which is not that long tall Devon; but rather the kind we find when looking back at the Devons of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even the early 80’s.

As we look forward to 2009 we will continue to invest time in learning more about Devon genetics, we will implement that knowledge as we strive to breed and raise the kind of Devon’s the market appreciates and demands, and we will continue to foster the special relationships we enjoy as a result of our participation in the American Devon Cattle Association.

Welcome to Dwayne and Stacy McIntyre and their children Nathan and Sarah who joined us at Roffey Cattle Company last summer. They are an energetic couple eager to learn and raise their family in a sustainable farm environment.


Thanks again to you all!

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“Supreme Beef on Grass” is the motto of the American Devon Cattle Association. Devons have been bred to produce exceptional beef from a grass diet for centuries. In fact, Devon cattle consistently produce better marbled meat carcasses with greater ease than any other beef breed. Devon beef is not just superb, its simply “devine.” To try some of our Devine Devon Beef, give us a call – you’ll be glad you did!