Some highlights of the day were the naming of our Jr Herd Sire Roffey Top Cat Grand Champion Bull and naming Roffey Rotogirl Q6 as Reserve Grand Champion Cow.
Judge Pharo and Dave Roffey

When naming Roffey Top Cat the Grand Champion male, Judge Kit Pharo spoke very positively about his great balance and muscularity with his smaller frame size. He emphasized these are the type cattle we should strive to breed and develop.

These two are maternal brother and sister out of Miss Julie’s Favorite. This cow family’s offspring have been steadily rising to the top of our herd with their accomplishments over the past several years. We continue to appreciate the consistency of this family. We have 3 full sisters in addition to “Chunk”at home and a full brother Roffey Dude Q14 is herd sire at Guille Yearwood's in Va.

Roffey Rotogirl Q6 - Reserve Grand Champion Cow

Roffey Top Cat
Grand Champion Cow
Roffey Bayou Q91 and Heifer Calf

Grand Champion Cow honors went to Paul Colucci, Full Moon Farm, Gardiner, NY. The Grand Champion was also Grand Champion of the Great Event 2007 when Roffey Cattle Company owned the cow Roffey Bayou Q91. She of course was bred by us and sold to Full Moon after last year’s Show. The calf at her side is sired by Roffey Top Cat, this years Champion Bull. Roffey Bayou Q91 and her heifer calf make an outstanding pair.

It is gratifying to see animals we have bred and sold perform well for their new owners. Congratulations Paul and Laura!

A few more details about the Champion Bull, Roffey Top Cat

Top Cat is our 4 year old Junior Herd Sire standing just 50 inches at the hips being a frame 4 bull. Top Cat weighed 1500 lbs after coming out of the pasture this breeding season.

If you are serious about reducing the frame size in your herd without sacrificing muscularity and balance, consider Top Cat. Top Cat is a calving ease bull that can be used on your first calf heifers. His eleven 2008 spring calves averaged an estimated 65 lbs (most actually weighed and a few estimated) and all born unassisted.

Roffey Cattle Company is gratified that the bidders at the Great Event Sale appreciated our offerings, as they sold very well. Thanks to the successful bidders for their purchases.

John Lee Fisher took home the Reserve Grand Champion Cow’s full sister, a 2005 flushmate. His choice Roffey Roto Q12 is also a maternal full sister to Top Cat.

George Kepple selected Roffey Rhoda Niner Q9 a beautiful 688 daughter. Roy Doan from nearby eastern Tenn. purchased Roffey Bayou S45 an open heifer. The other open heifer, also sired by Bayou Boy, was the selection of Charles Huebner. We wish the best to all these who have shown confidence in our breeding program by making these purchases.

I wish to thank the crew who pitched in and worked so hard to help me out when I wasn’t up to the task. I’ve probably felt worse at some time or other but I can’t remember when!

My good buddy Sherman Wallace who drove the cattle to and from plus all else that needed to be done certainly deserves a very big Thank You! Thanks to Andy Whetzel for his help on such short notice. Steve Jones and John Lee Fisher got to the barns early and stayed late to make sure all was in order, I certainly appreciate your help also. A very satisfying day made all the efforts worthwhile to yours truly.

Thanks again to you all!

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