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We were pleased to host the first SW Virginia regional Devon Field Day on July 14th

Group-HillA good mix of beef producers attended, including Devon breeders and local beef producers who work with other breeds. It was particularly gratifying and encouraging to see young families who are hungry to see more Devons, meet more of the people involved and learn more about our great breed.

Attendees had the opportunity to view our cattle as well as a few Rotokawa cows currently living at the farm. We enjoyed, and learned from, listening to comments from others in the business. We particularly appreciated all the favorable comments about our herd favorite, “Chunk,” officially known as Roffey Rotogirl Q6, full sister to Roffey Red Dude and maternal sister to Roffey Top Cat. Also in the group were cows 16 years of age and older, pointing out Devon longevity.

Group InsideLunch highlighting Devon grass-fed burgers, was served with only a single wire between diners and mature Devon bulls. Many who own other breeds commented on that!

Following lunch with time to view and discuss the cattle on display, ADCA president Jeremy Engh shared his presentation of the “20 GiulleReasons Devon…..”. many non-Devon beef producers were in attendance and heard Jeremy’s complete list of why they should consider Devons. Guille Yearwood then served as official judge, giving his placings and reasons for one class of heifers and one of mature cows. Guille judged in school and gives very understandable, educational justification for his placings.

We enjoyed the time spent sharing our views of grass-fed Devons and listening to the views of others. It was good to see Devon breeders share an enjoyable afternoon with non-Devon beef producers.

We were humbled to be asked to host this first event. All there seemed to have a good time and enjoy the comradely. Here’s hoping these field days just get bigger and better!


It has been a good year at Roffey Cattle Company, leaving us with cattle to sell.  Because of our embryo transfer program we can offer cattle representing some of the Devon breed’s finest genetics.

Whatever you are looking for, look to Roffey Cattle Company.  Currently we can offer:
  • Group of 10-12 purebred bred heifers due this fall.
  • Group of 10-12 purebred open heifers
  • Group of 10-12 purebred mature cows with calves at side
  • Group of crossbreds, half or three-quarter Devon, bred for fall
  • A select few of the herd’s best individuals – male and female will be offered for sale

Call us to discuss your needs!  276-768-7886


We are pleased to announce the sale of “Top Cat” to Bob & Ty Robertson of
Black Oak Farm in Missouri.

Top Cat
Top Cat

Top Cat’s influence will continue to be felt through his sons and daughters here at Roffey Cattle Company.
His calves continue to impress us with their balance and beefiness. As an added bonus, he is a calving ease sire.

It was a tough decision to let him go, but his legacy will carry on at his new home – the beautiful Black Oak Farm. We wish Bob and Ty every success with Top Cat and look forward to following his progeny at Black Oak.

Introducing a Jr. Herdsire for Roffey Cattle Company

In the summer of 2011, after a long search for the right outcross bull for our herd, we partnered with friend Gil Yearwood of Ellett Valley Devons, who was looking for the same kind of bull. The result of our combined effort led us to the famed Rotokawa herd, and we brought Rotokawa 375 (Revolution) to Southwest Virginia.


The photo above, taken in the fall of 2011, shows the balance and width we expect him to transmit. Combining that with the strength, width and depth of his mother, Rotokawa 159 (pictured below), we feel Revolution can make a significant impact in our herds and on the Devon breed.

Rotokowa 159
Rotokowa 159

The opportunity to work with some of the Devon breed’s Greatest Genetics.

Ellett Valley and Roffey Cattle Company had the privilege of working with Rotokawa in a mutually beneficial embryo transfer arrangement with the following brood cows:

Rotokowa 3
Rotokowa 3

Rotokawa 3 is an awesome cow. She has depth, balance, and a great wide, level rump that is one of the best I seen in our Devon breed. We think the mating with Potheridge President will provide and outcross for breeders that have used predominately Rotokawa bulls. Rotokawa 3 is one of the older cows in the herd. She has no 688, 982, 663 or 667 bloodline. It is anticipated that this combination will provide a very good outcross bloodline.

This powerful cow was also mated with the ever-popular legendary Rotokawa 688. For all of us who love this bull, this mating should be superb.

Rotokawa 13

Rotokawa 13 is another older cow chosen for her youthfulness and she is an own daughter of Rotokawa 688. She was one of 688s first calves. Rotokawa 13 was mated with two of the other great legendary Rotokawa sires—982 whom transmits great front ends with very pleasing rumps and 974 known to be an udder improver with the blending of strength and balance.

All involved are eager to watch these calves mature

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